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Meet Monty


Welcome I'm Monty (chief toy tester), that's me sat on my new office throne. My staff / hooman family keep telling me I'm turning into a diva... I'm like, hello I'm a bulldog, I deserve a luxury lifestyle. I guess I'm going to have to keep training them.

Monty Bulldog | Monty's Dog Store | KONG & West Paw Zogoflex tough dog toys 

I'm 2 years young. I live in Cheshire. My snoring level is totally off the scale (I keep the hoomans awake it's funny). I wake them up at 5 am and make them think I need the loo. When they open the door I just chill in my empty paddling pool - it reminds them who's top dog! 

Likes: new toys, especially balls. Chase games, I love to be chased it's so exciting. I love to sleep, it keeps me looking hot and wrinkle free - a good 15 hours a day does the trick. Meeting big and little hoomans every day is great fun, you can never get enough butt scratches. Playing with big doggies and puppies is brilliant. As you can see, I'm no size zero - I'm built for wrestling and power chewing.  

Dislikes: I don't like hoomans falling asleep - hello 2 am is not late. I don't like anything being changed. I don't like the dyson vacuum cleaner. I don't like the washing line. I don't like the new kitchen - I refuse to enter I just stand at the door. I don't like having a bath. I don't like The Grand Tour or sport on television taking attention away from me. Don't even get me started on the hoomans being on their mobiles and laptops. I've started slamming laptops closed by jumping on them. 

Ok, time for me to test some tough toys with a good power chewing session!

Please follow me and come and say hi on social media, I want to be your friend. 

Instagram: montybulldogUK



By for now!

Monty X


  • Hi Boris,

    It’s really great to hear from you buddy! You’re my very first doodle friend. Thank you for visiting my Store and for sharing your great feedback – I love it. Me and my hoomans love hearing from our friends like you that visit the Store and chat with us on social media.

    Let’s talk toys, the most important thing in life I keep telling the hoomans…

    For a soft fabric toy that’s tough, I recommend the KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel – it’s a comfy chew toy I really enjoy playing with this. Also, there’s no stuffing inside only rope which is much safer for you.

    There’s also a few soft rubber toys, that not even I have managed to destroy yet. Check me out chewing the KONG Dental Stick. You’ll love this toy… Not only is it fun to chew, but it also helps to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy, and the best bit is that your hoomans can fill it with treats!

    Me and my hoomans would love to also hear from you on Instagram (montybulldogUK) and Facebook (, and see photos of you enjoying playing with your new toys!

    I look forward to chatting to you.

    Thanks and take care.
    Monty x

    Monty (Chief Toy Tester)
  • Hi Monty,

    What would you recommend my hoomans order? I am a doodle but I am a power chewer. I love my bears but keep playing unbuild a bear with them.

    You seem like a regular Kinda guy- loving your work,

    Boris xxx

  • Hi Monty you’re so cute, I loved reading your blog. Looking forward to your next blog and seeing your photos on Insta – I’ve started following you! :-)
    Gemma x

  • Very cute and makes me want to scratch my dogs back!

    Jon McCarty
  • Hi monty.
    Loving your blog sounds like me haha.
    Love to meet you before hopefully can see you again.
    Love the toys your selling might have to ask my mum if I can have one.
    Love Hugo x


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