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Diary of a Bulldog Owner: Part 2 - Puppy Chaos & Attitude

Diary of a Bulldog Owner: Part 2

Puppy Chaos & Attitude

In Diary of a Bulldog Owner: Part 2, I will share with you how Monty made my dream come true when he was only 8 weeks old. And you will also learn how Monty terrorised my partner and I for months.

    Little did we know that we had introduced an ambush specialist into our home disguised as a puppy. We had no idea of the psychological warfare and battles that lay ahead...

    Monty's bulldog puppy attitude and bulldog stubbornness took us to the edge of sanity! Thankfully, we survived to share the tale with you.   

Dreams Do Come True

    Sunday, 15th April 2018, my dream came true.  It is a day that I will always remember.  For more than 12 years I had dreamed of having a bulldog in my life. 

    Finally, the magical day had arrived. I could hardly believe it, my partner and I pulled up outside the bulldog breeders house.  For several weeks I had managed to keep Monty a secret from my partner, but the night before the secret slipped out during a moment of weakness.

    For sure, she was delighted to hear that in 24 hours time we would be collecting our very own bulldog puppy. Her face was beaming with pure joy and excitement!  Puppy talk filled the evening's conversation, as we counted down the hours.

    The big day had finally arrived...  12 years of waiting was finally over.  As I entered the breeder's house, my partner remained in the car.  She sat waiting with a fluffy white blanket ready to cuddle Monty all the way home. 

Sleeping Beauty

    Walking into the lounge, I was taken over to a large wooden four sided crate, with no roof.  I leaned over and saw a truly beautiful sight. Six brown and white bulldog puppies fast asleep. 

    Monty was sleeping next to one of his brothers. They looked like a row of seal pups sleeping in a line. It was beautiful sight - one I will never forget.

    As I held Monty for the first time, it felt surreal. I remember feeling this beaming smile across my face. I genuinely cannot recall a more happier time in my life.  I was bursting to get Monty home so I could cuddle him on the sofa and play with him. 

    Here is Monty in the lounge on the first day we brought him home at 8 weeks old...  Little did we know what psychological battles lay ahead.


     I knew I would have a battle on my hands, as I knew my partner would fall in love with Monty as soon as I handed him over for the drive home. I was right, it was love at first sight. Her face beaming with joy, she had a fur baby to love and fuss over.

    To our great surprise, as we drove off from the breeders house, Monty barked all the way home.  We could not believe what we were hearing. Even at the traffic lights people walking past were amazed to see that the deep loud bark was coming from a small puppy.

    It was, after all, the first time Monty had been apart from his mum. This little puppy had never before seen the outside world, what a shock it must have been for him as we drove away from the only life he knew. Now he had a new life and lots of happy times and adventures ahead with his loving new fur parents.

Finally, after 40 long and head splitting minutes we arrived home...      

Let Battle Commence: Human vs Puppy Attitude  

    My partner carried Monty into the lounge and placed him on the wood floor.  He immediately started walking around and sniffing his new surroundings with tentative wobbly steps. 

    Monty looked magnificent. He perfectly matched the look of my dream bulldog. Here he was finally and I was on top of the world watching him and taking in his every step.

Here I am cuddling Monty wrapped in his favourite blankey after his first bath.


Land Shark 

    As the hours and days went by we realised that we had unknowingly brought an ambush specialist into our home. Armed with razor sharp needle teeth and puppy claws, Monty the "land shark" would target everyone's feet as soon as they hit the ground...

    I checked the breeders advert, there was no mention of daily ambushes and puppy attacks.  Quite amazingly, this 8 week old bundle of fur, teeth and claws was employing tactics worthy of the SAS and Navy Seals. 

     Some how, Monty had mastered the art of launching surprise attacks on feet. This was followed by expert escape and evasion tactics at speed. After delivering a brutal assault to the feet of anyone who dared to walk in the lounge, he would then quickly make his escape and hide under the sofa. You can see in the photo that there is a good sized gap under the sofa.

Blog Diary of a Bulldog Owner | Monty's Dog Store | UK   

     We purchased the sofa upon buying the house. Whilst sofa shopping, it never once crossed my mind that the gap under the sofa would become an attack base for a land shark capable of inflicting unthinkable agony on toes. 

    Not once did he show an ounce of mercy to his victims. Following an attack, his wrinkly puppy fat bum would be seen dashing for cover under the sofa before we could pick him up. As I lay on the floor making eye contact with the cute little menace lurking under the sofa, I would be met by him growling and barking at me. 

    I quickly learned that reaching under to slide him out from the sofa was a very bad idea. You see, puppy teeth are razor sharp needles that deliver a world of pain. Having experienced this agony many times, it was clear that Monty had lots of bulldog spirit.

Monty Superhero  

    On one occasion, Monty heard a loud noise at the back of the house. He ran barking towards the patio doors and adopted the full on iconic bulldog stance. You know the one, chest out, leaning forward, back legs sloped ready for action. At the time, Monty was 9 weeks old. We could not believe the bravery of the little guy running towards danger to protect us. 

    From that moment on, I knew that Monty was special and had the heart and bravery of a true British bulldog, willing to give everything to protect his home and family. It was one of those moments that you had to see to appreciate it fully. Those few seconds will remain with us forever. 

    Despite the chaos, scratches and bite marks, this little hairy ninja had earned our undying love and total respect... To this day, almost 3 years on, he continues to be a brilliant guard dog.

Every superhero needs to recharge their super powers!

No Hiding Places

    Over the months our puppy ambush specialist continued to deliver his attacks until one glorious magical day.  Having launched his first foot attack of the morning, Monty ran for cover and bumped his head on the bottom of the sofa...

    Finally, after months of agony and waiting, the day had arrived. Monty was now too big to fit under the sofa. We were overjoyed, as if we had won the lottery. The psychological battle had finally turned in our favour.  Now the hunter had become the hunted. It was time for this puppy to begin his training and learn the rules! 

    Little did we know, that our greatest challenges and psychological battles lay ahead.  Until now, he had been toying with us, softening us up for the main event.


    In Diary of a Bulldog Owner: Part 3, I will share with you the events that unfolded when Monty began dog training with a professional dog trainer. Even though this expert dog trainer had worked with the world famous American television celebrity dog trainer "Cesar Millan", he commented that Monty was one of the most head strong dogs he had work with (this also included adult dogs). 

    As well as this, I will also share with you the type of puppy food, toys and accessories we found to be the best and worst for Monty. 

    And finally, I will tell you how Monty changed our lives and persuaded us to launch our first e-commerce business.  You might have heard of it, it is called Monty's Dog Store.    

    I hope you enjoyed reading Part 2. We would be delighted to receive your feedback in the comments section below. Also feel free to ask us any questions. We are here to help. 

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Thank you, take care.

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