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How To Choose The Best Soft Tough Dog Toys

What Are The Best Soft Dog Toys? 

With so many dog toys to choose from it can be difficult knowing which soft tough dog toys will best meet your dog's physical and emotional needs. We're here to support you in choosing the best toys for your dog!

Starting with this blog, we will feature one dog toy category each week. We'll post each blog here on Monty's Dog Store, and also on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

What Are The Dog Toy Categories? 

  • Soft tough cuddle dog toys 
  • Interactive & puzzle dog toys 
  • Walking & fetch dog toys 
  • Extreme power chew dog toys 
  • Healthy teeth & gums dog toys 

Soft Tough Cuddle Dog Toys  

So, in this blog we'll focus on "soft tough cuddle dog toys". These toys are ideal for dogs that love to chew, suckle and cuddle their favourite toys. I'm sure you won't be surprised, when I tell you that these dogs are lovingly known as "cuddlers".

Why Do Dogs Cuddle Soft Toys?

There are a number of reasons why dogs cuddle soft toys.

Dogs have a strong instinct to hide and protect the things they cherish. Few things are more cherished and precious than their favourite soft toy, which they like to keep close by.  

Also, we should remember that dogs are pack animals, and carry this strong instinct throughout their life... Dogs treat their hooman family as an integral part of their pack. This builds a very strong emotional bond between you and your dog, which is founded on trust and devotion.

Why Do Dogs Sleep With Toys?

Dogs that sleep alone at night, removed from their hoomans, will naturally miss their pack members. This can cause separation anxiety. Cuddling a favourite soft toy can calm an anxious dog and make it feel less lonely.

Think of it as a coping mechanism, which brings much needed comfort to your dog until they see you in the morning or when you return home from work. 


Do Soft Toys Comfort Dogs?

Yes. Something as simple as a soft toy can provide an enormous amount of emotional support and comfort to an anxious dog. Try to ensure your dog's favourite toy is always available for him/her to enjoy and gain comfort from.    

There are times when some female dogs will become broody. They are often seen nursing a soft toy as if it were their new born puppy. This type of behaviour is especially common in dogs that suffer from phantom pregnancies.  

Are Soft Tough Dog Toys Suitable For Power Chewing Dogs?

There is always the possibility that a power chewing dog breed (i.e. bulldog, bull terrier, rottweiler, alsatian, etc.), might rip open a soft tough toy. In saying that, our 2 year old Bulldog Monty has not yet damaged his KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel, which he's been power chewing for several months.  

Top Tip: we strongly advise dog owners to be present when their dog is playing with a soft toy, regardless of the brand of toy.   

KONG Soft Tough Dog Toys

It's worth remembering that not all toys offered across KONG's dog toy range are suitable for strong power chewing breeds. KONG's soft tough toys are more suited to dogs that enjoy chewing, suckling and cuddling their soft toys without seeking to destroy them.

On the other hand, the KONG Extreme dog toy range (made of tough natural rubber), are specifically designed for power chewing dog breeds to unleash their powerful bite force. These are known as tough dog toys for aggressive chewers and are considered to be the toughest dog toys available.

What Are the Best KONG Soft Tough Toys?

KONG dog toys offer cater for all dog breeds. Choosing the right toys to satisfy your dog's physical, emotional and play time needs throughout their life is very important...  We have provided below, a selection of soft cuddle dog toys from our range of KONG toys, along with an overview of each toy's characteristics.    

KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel Dog Toy (no stuffing)

Made from soft tough fabric wrapped around a strong internal coiled rope, allowing for long chewing sessions and extend tug play times.

  • This is a "no stuffing" toy.
  • Ideal toy for dogs that love to chew, suckle and cuddle their toys.
  • Toy contains a squeaker for enriched play and heightened excitement. 
  • Small / Medium Approximately 24 cm long (weight 105g).
  • Medium / Large Approximately 36 cm long (weight 200g).

This is our best selling soft tough toy. None of our customers have informed us that their dog has damaged this toy or any of the soft toys below. Monty keeps trying during his toy testing sessions, but so far he has not succeeded! 

KONG Wubba No Stuff Cheetah (no stuffing)

KONG Wubba No Stuff Cheetah  

Made from soft durable reinforced fabric. 

  • This is a "no stuffing" toy.
  • The long tails encourage dogs to embrace their natural thrashing instincts.
  • Toy contains a squeaker to increase your dog's excitement levels during play times to add extra stimulation. 
  • Ideal toy for dogs that love to chew, suckle and cuddle their toys.
  • Size 41 cm long (weight 120g).
 KONG Speckles Pig Dog Toy (low stuffing)

KONG Low Stuff Speckles Pig Dog Toy

Made from soft reinforced fabric that provides a rustling sound and contains extra stitching for added strength. 

  • This is a "low stuffing" toy.
  • 39 cm flat body.
  • Toy contains a squeaker to entice your dog to play and receive heightened stimulation. 
  • Ideal toy for dogs that love to chew, suckle and cuddle their toys.
  • Size approximately 40 cm (weight 130g).
 KONG Floppy Knots Bunny (low stuffing)

 KONG Floppy Knots Bunny Dog Toy

Made from soft tough varied texture fabric wrapped around tough internal knotted rope.

  • This is a "low stuffing" toy.
  • Ideal toy for dogs that love to chew, suckle and cuddle their toys.
  • Toy contains a squeaker for enriched extended play and heightened excitement levels. 
  • Size Small / Medium approximately 23 cm (weight 220g).  

Dangerous Fake Branded Dog Toys

Sadly, we are hearing more and more horror stories of dogs being injured and choking on fake branded dog toys.   

Fake branded toys pose a very serious health risk to dogs due to the chemicals contained within the toy’s rubber and stuffing. Also, fake toys come apart easily and will increase the risk of your dog choking on broken pieces.  

How Can I Spot Fake Branded Dog Toys?

Fake branded dog toys are quite easy to spot. These toys are sold online and in street markets far below the manufacturers recommended retail price (RRP). For example, it does not make financial sense to sell a "genuine" KONG toy (with an RRP of £8), for £3 or £4.

If the toy was genuine, the seller would be making a loss on every toy. As the old saying goes, "if it looks too good to be true then it probably is". 

Also, fake toys are less likely to be accompanied by genuine branded packaging, as can be viewed on KONG's website. 

We, at Monty's Dog Store, only purchase KONG toys through an approved, long established, and reputable KONG distribution company. Our focus is on offering you the best dog toys.

Don't risk your dog's health and happiness by purchasing cheap unsafe toys. Vet fees, especially relating to surgical procedures, are known to reach several thousand pounds. In some cases, we have heard of insurance companies refusing to payout, thereby leaving owners with enormous Vet bills.  


Soft toys can provide great comfort and important emotional support to some dogs. Often this is because a dog is suffering from separation anxiety or feels broody - longing for her own puppies. 

Whatever the reason for your dog's love of soft toys, it's important that you keep their favourite toy available to them at all times.

Spending more one to one time with your dog, through play and exercise, will make your dog very happy indeed, they love you unconditionally after all. The added bonus, is that this will also help to lessen any separation anxiety your dog may be experiencing.


We all want our dogs to be happy, healthy and stimulated as much as possible. Choosing a combination of toys should ensure that your dog has a good mix of toys to meet their physical and emotional needs.

Monty's toy testing duties means he always has access to KONG's Extreme rubber toys and soft tough toys. Out of all of his toys, nothing can compare to a ball. For Monty a ball = life. He's obsessed with balls, especially ones that squeak! It's wonderful how such a simple toy, can bring total joy and excitement into Monty's life each day.

Without fail, at around 6:00 pm each day, Monty demands that we play ball with him. This game often goes on for several hours, but he loves it and gets super excited.   

We would be delighted to receive your feedback in the comments section below. Perhaps you would like to share with us your ideas for any future blog articles that you would like to see appear on the store.

Thank you and take care.

Notes for Editors

Monty's Dog Store is an online dog store / pet store based in Warrington, Cheshire (UK).

KONG Dog Toys

Monty's Dog Store sells genuine branded KONG dog toys. Our range of dog toys, include: tough dog toys for aggressive chewers. These are also considered to be indestructible dog toys. We also offer interactive dog toys to keep your dog happy, challenged, and stimulated, as well as puzzle dog toys.

Our range of KONG dog toys, include tough soft dog toys, and cuddle dog toys. Cuddle dog toys provide comfort for dogs and are ideal soft dog toys for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.  Our range also offers dog toys with squeakers, and also tough dog toys without squeakers. This provide dog owners with a wide variety of great dog toys to choose from to keep their dog happy, stimulated and healthy.  

KONG dog toys are considered to be the best dog toys and the toughest dog toys available on the market.  Whether a dog breed is small, medium or large, Monty's Dog Store, Warrington, caters for dogs that love soft dog toys, and indestructible dog toys. We are delighted to offer eco friendly dog toys, and dog toys made from KONG natural rubber formula. KONG has set the gold standard for dog toys for over 40 years.

Skin & Fur Care

Monty's Dog Store provides a 100% natural range of Skin & Fur Care dog grooming products. Our grooming products, include: 100% Natural Soothing & Conditioning Shampoo - Oatmeal & Aloe Vera made with essential oils, 100% Natural Nose Skin & Paw Balm, also our 100% Natural Soothing Skin Salve, along with the fantastic KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush. Our 100% natural dog grooming products are designed to keep your dog healthy and looking their best. 

After extensive testing, we consider the KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush to be a best dog grooming brush available on the market. This can also be used as a pet brush for other types of pets to keep their fur looking shiny and healthy. We are so impressed by the KONG ZoomGroom Dog Brush we believe it is one of the best professional dog grooming brushes available.

Dog Beds

Monty's Dog Store sells dog beds. Our dog beds are handmade in the UK. These are deluxe personalised dog beds handmade to the customer's own design specification. We sell dog beds large and dog beds small, that offer dog bed luxury for all sizes of dog. These are high quality, UK handmade dog beds, offering excellent comfort and dog bed luxury at a great price. 

All of our dog beds are made with extra thick padding. This provides excellent comfort and protection for your dog's body joints. Our extra thick padding ensures your dog always remains comfortable and well insulated from the floor. Monty's Dog Store dog beds are made to the highest quality standards and are designed by you to meet your exact personal design requirements.


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