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Design your personalised UK handmade dog bed  

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Create an amazing unique handmade dog bed.  You choose the fabric and design

All beds are handmade in the UK to your design. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, shapes and designs to ensure your dog's bed is unique and the only one in the world! 

The dip fronted bed design (as modelled by Prince Shelby), is one of our best selling beds. The extra thick padding in the cushion and side walls will ensure your dog enjoys maximum comfort all year round. 

Every bed is handmade using thick comfortable padding to protect a dog's joints and provide maximum cushioning and insulation from the floor.  

London theme design 

You may wish to choose a themed design, which you can personalise as a gift to a friend or family member for a special occasion.  What better surprise than presenting a love one with a unique gift - one of a kind in the world...   

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Teepee dog bed

This beautiful and unique design is perfect for smaller dog breeds (for example French Bulldog or Jack Russell, etc), to snuggle up inside in total comfort.

You choose the fabric, colour and design and we will deliver your dream bed. 

Have your dog's name embossed on the bed

Here we see Monty (our Chief Toy Tester), with his new bed which he loves. The extra thick padding in the cushion and sides provide more than enough support for Monty. He often sleeps with his head resting on the side walls, which offer great support and do not fall. Monty is a tall pedigree bulldog and weighs 33 kg.

Monty's bed measurements:
Height: 30 cm
Length: 86 cm
Width: 74 cm

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The history behind "Non La"

Every country has its own national headgear. The United States has the baseball cap, Britain is famous for the London bobby's helmet. Greece is associated with the fisherman's hat, while the beret is the symbol of France. The Israelis use the yarmulke and we usually see the Saudi Arabians in their white headdresses. Indian Sikhs wrap their heads in elaborate turbans while Russians warm their craniums with fur hats, which are of good use even at fifty Degree Celsius below zero. In Vietnam, the national chapeau is the non, or conical peasant hat. Along with the graceful silk ao dai, the non has become a sort of informal Vietnamese national symbol that is recognized worldwide.

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